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NPL Publications

In addition to our newsletter, Book Reports, NPL produces other occasional publications. These can be ordered from NPL by mail or email at a modest prepaid cost.

Tips for Collectors

Tips for Collectors (PDF, 40kb) is a monograph series sponsored by NPL as part of its public outreach, and is intended to help readers develop and expand their philatelic knowledge, skills, and enjoyment.

Tear Sheets

NPL maintains a significant tear sheet program with more than 1,000 articles extracted from various duplicate philatelic periodicals and other print media. This is a great source of information and our list is categorized in much the same format as our library catalog. Tear sheets are selected on the basis of their perceived interest to readers and span a wealth of philatelic subject matter.

Download our Tear Sheet List-PDF format (264kb)

Download our Tear Sheet List-Excel format (244kb)

Free Inheritance Flyer

NPL has also prepared a free leaflet on how to evaluate and manage an inherited stamp collection.

Download the Inheritance Flyer (PDF, 220kb)



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